Roast Beef

Best Provision is your “go to” company for roast beef. Whether specifically seasoned and coated or just beef, we do it. If the degree of doneness needs to be “Very Rare” up to “Medium Well”, we do that too. In fact, we start with the highest grades of beef rounds, then season and separate by size to insure proper doneness. Do you need a cooked roast brisket? We do that as well.

Corned Beef and Pastrami

We offer several selections of raw corned beef for those who prefer to finish in-house, plus we provide an endless variety of cooked products from rounds to briskets. Our corned beef flavor is simple…garlic, salt, sugar …no add-ons or aftertaste. Our pastrami includes natural smoke with a black-pepper and coriander coating, reminiscent of the pastrami that arrived in the US from Eastern Europe at the turn of the last century.

All Beef Hot Dogs

At Best’s, all we make are PREMIUM all beef franks. We don’t add poultry or pork and we never use any by-products. We offer a range of sizes of both skinless and natural casing varieties. IRI and Nielsen data suggests that Best’s hot dogs consistently rank amongst the top selling brands in the Metro NY retail market.

Additional Products

  • Beef Bacon
  • Beef Bologna
  • Knockwurst
  • Beef Salami
  • Beef Sausage (mild and hot)

Custom Products/Private Label

We currently provide selected cooked beef products to major retail and foodservice outlets across the US. At the same time, our Operations team may assist you by re-producing an item that is currently part of your line-up or develop a “from scratch” product based on your needs. What’s more, our sales managers will stick with you from development to execution…no handing-off the project to another department only to see it languish in a sea of other R&D activity.

Quality Assurance/Food Safety/Certifications

With 80 years and millions of pounds of quality beef production behind us, Best Provision is fanatically focused on quality and food safety. If something were to fall short in our beef production, we don’t have a pork or poultry division to rely on…we just HAVE TO get it right the first time. With this dedication, our facility has earned extremely high marks on our SQF audits year over year. We currently hold a level 3 certification. Best’s is also a Certified Organic processor and handler.