About Us

For 80 years, Best Provision has been producing and selling high quality, consistently great deli meats. Over time, while others stretched their product lines to include other species, we at Best’s made a conscious decision to concentrate our efforts on our core competency…Beef. With this dedication comes an array of roast beef, corned beef, pastrami and premium beef frank items others simply cannot offer. Is “All Natural” part of your line up? We have it. How about “Organic”? We have been a Certified Organic supplier for almost 20 years. We are also a Certified Angus Beef provider. At Best’s, we love Beef.



Paul Dolinko and Sol Karp along with Joe Wolfiler began making and selling high-quality provisions in a store-front location in Newark New Jersey in 1938. As news spread, their business flourished. It wasn’t long before other outlets asked to stock these products and soon, folks all over the area knew the name “Best”. Customers would ask: ‘Are the products good’?... ‘They are the Best!’ the store clerks would answer. Today, Best Provision’s products are found in the retail supermarket sector in many areas of the US and are especially displayed in supermarkets throughout the metro New York area, the birthplace of “deli” in America.